During my stay in Brig 2021, numerous walks led me to the Salina gorge and thus to the material of the exhibition „Levels of Grey“, namely slate, a type of dark grey stone that breaks easily into flat pieces.

Already at the beginning of the gorge, eyes and ears are struck by the water masses rushing from the peaks of the 4000s into the Salina river bed. The path leads gradually into a narrow gorge with walls of brittle rock material. Black-grey rock masses rise up to the sky: curved, splintered, devoured at the edges, broken, pulled through with wrinkles. Pressure and temperature have folded the stone over millions of years, compressed it, pushed it up and inscribed time and memories in it. Sloping notches and jagged rocks, broken rock fragments on the ground, like potsherds thrown about. Looking up causes dizziness and one is amazed to see the mountain as a fragile and broken structure, and at the same time it is monumental and sublime.

For me, the fragility and vulnerability of the slate formations symbolizes the state of our time. At my exhibition, slate is the starting point, the field of association and inspiration for my artistic exploration of Brig and surrounding area.