Silke Panknin is a German artist who works in the field of photography, sculpture and installation. She works in different series that often refer to a specific theme, where the personal observation as well as the consideration of the place is used as a starting point.

Her black and white photographs, developed in the dark room, are created in a precise selection of location, focal distance and section. She is not concerned with depicting reality in the sense of a document, which always appears differently in the photograph than in the perception by the human eye.

In her installations the artist comes nearer to the space through analysis of the place, situation and also cultural cross-references that she discovers or associates in the course of her research.

Silke Panknin`s intervention in the existing social and spatial order is enormous, with the regard to the use of materials, and consistent in carrying out. Often, it is connected with participative activity.

Silke Panknin currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.



1993 Academy of Fine Art Stuttgart 

1996 ENSAV (École nationale supérieure des arts visuels la Cambre) Brussels


Artist in Residence, Brig, Switzerland, 2021

Stipendium Neustadt Kultur 2020/21

Artist in Residence, Brig, Switzerland, 2019

Artist in Residence, Kunstnarhuset Messen, Norway, 2019

Artist in Residence, Kökar, Åland Island, 2017


Graustufen Galerie intershop Leipzig; Germany, 2021

Graustufen Kunstverein Oberwallis Galerie zur Matze Brig; Switzerland, 2021

tabula rasa Galerie intershop Leipzig; Germany, 2020

voglio vedere lei mie montagne Kunstverein Oberwallis Visp; Switzerland, 2019

borders world in a room Berlin; Germany, 2019

415 laufende Meter Peripherie Sudhaus Tübingen; Germany, 2010

aufrecht und quer Peripherie Sudhaus Tübingen; Germany, 2010

nicht mehr und doch schon Künstlerbund Tübingen; Germany, 2005

weißer taubedeckter Pfad Gedok Stuttgart; Germany, 2004

Visionen_2001 town hall Stuttgart; Germany, 2001

L´intimité Galerie The flying cow Brussels; Belgium, 1999



fast forward Kurt-Kurt Berlin; Germany, 2021

Can`t touch this Galerie intershop Leipzig; Germany, 2020

unlock Galerie intershop Leipzig; Germany, 2020

neu gesichtet! Interpretations of Albert Nyfeler's works Alter Werkhof Brig; Switzerland, 2019

capsule # 2 - et voilà la réalité Galerie intershop Leipzig; Germany, 2019

Die Menge des Lichts bestimmt den Grad der Schwärzung Druckwerkstatt des bbk Berlin; Germany, 2018

photo::vienna MAK Wien; Austria, 2016

superurbanvillage Kunstverein Tiergarten Galerie Nord Berlin; Germany, 2016

Blicke cycle path Tübingen - Rottenburg; Germany, 2008

Maßnahme - Maßnehmen Künstlerbund Tübingen; Germany, 2007

Zeichnung Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart; Germany, 2007 

Zeitlupe Kulturhalle Tübingen; Germany, 2006

Ortswechsel Kulturverein Zehntscheuer e.V. Rottenburg; Germany, 2006

girls girls girls Fotosommer Stuttgart Galerie Hoss und Wollmann Stuttgart; Germany, 2003

Behausung Galerie im Künstlertreff Stuttgart; Germany, 2003

Nonfinito Shedhalle Tübingen e.V.; Germany, 2003 

Junge Kunst Städtische Galerie Reutlingen; German, 2003

Licht Raum Europa Reithalle im Klenzepark Ingolstadt; Germany, 2003

Sirenenklänge Künstlerbund Tübingen e.V.; Germany, 2003

Flurstück 1408 / Der Kunstgarten Markgröningen, Kunstverein Ludwigsburg; Germany, 2002

Perplex - 75 Jahre Gedok  Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle Bonn; Germany, 2001

Fernsicht BBK Stuttgart Eugensplatz; Germany, 2001

la ligne blanche Villa Eksternest Roeselare; Belgium, 1998

le tapis rouge Ithaca Leuven; Belgium, 1997

Una spirale Tergu; Sardinia, 1996 


Lines – borders, ongoing project in different forests (Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg), since 2012

Steine Plätze Zeugen Karl-Marx-Allee Berlin - intervention in the city space; Germany, 2009