SUPERURBANVILLAGE, Kunstverein Tiergarten, superurbanvillage, Berlin, 2016, coloured trees with lime wash, gelatin-silver paper, 70 cm × 100 cm each, 

Along the road I whitewash the bark of several city trees with blank limewash. The arrangement of the lime washed trees may be conceived as a line whilst the number of trees in the arrangement is determined by the field of focus seen through a camera.

The line depicts a marking that contains the idea of a border. The term “border” stands for a mark that divides spaces. The line delineates from the familiar to the otherness, between the people of European origin and refugees from crisis areas.

The line starts at Kunstverein Nord, represents the concept of culture: culture in all its different forms emerges from an involvement with that which is "foreign". Culture has always been understood as a product of a change in its own and in welcoming the stranger. The line ends at LaGeSo, Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers, a symbol for the current debate about refugees.